Technology Partners

Infobiz's software solutions are built on the core foundation of Services, Technologies and Components. Our Core Technologies encompass the primary operating systems and platforms, application servers, databases, and development tools we use to build software solutions. These include commercial third-party products, as well as Infobiz's proprietary technologies and software assets.
We are allied with reputed technological partners for our IT requirements. Our Technology Partners are benefited through increased visibility for their products and solutions with our customers and via joint marketing of their technology and solutions to our new and existing customer base.
Some of our major alliances are with:
Microsoft Technologies:
Infobiz's Microsoft Excellence Center enables you to take full advantage of the benefits of Microsoft software. Here, we combine Infobiz's innovative development techniques along with cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to provide effective business solutions.
We undertake continuous research on existing and evolving Microsoft technologies. Our solutions comply with the Microsoft Solutions Framework model. Our support for .NET technology spans XML Web services, cross-platform integration, etc.
Sun Java Technologies:
Infobiz has reached high levels of maturity in application design, frameworks, methodologies, tools and techniques on the Java framework and offers product development, project development, maintenance and support of Java-based applications. Infobiz brings to the table superior skills in J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Web Services, Wireless & XML Technologies and has successfully delivered technically challenging desktop as well as Web 2.0 applications.
Linux & Open Source Technologies:
Infobiz's open source excellence center focuses the creation and modification of Open Source software to suit various business needs. We can handle all your project requirements which include development, migration, integration, etc. The Open Source development team has significant expertise and experience in many areas including device drivers, kernel modification, embedded systems, network protocol development and web applications.
Database Technologies:
Infobiz boasts of an excellence centre focusing on database technologies. Our highly skilled resources can handle all your project requirements, which include development, migration, integration, etc
Mobile Technologies:
Infobiz has extensive expertise in custom mobile application software development. Our solutions on all the major handheld and smartphone platforms help our clients achieve a faster time to market with an unmatched cost advantage. We follow the highest standards in the industry for engineering process, product quality, delivery and support.
IBM Technologies:
Our products and services have been optimized for IBM - through investments in dozens of IBM-specific features to ensure you get maximum leverage from your investment. Infobiz incorporates the components of IBM's Application Framework for e-Business, such as WebSphere Application Server, DB2 Universal Database, Relational Connect and MQ Series messaging software, into its technology platform.
Web Application Technologies:
Users expect rich interaction and high performance from browser-based applications, and we know how to deliver. Whether you are using Microsoft .Net, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), or Ruby on Rails , our staff can develop user interface in Flex, OpenLaszlo, AJAX technologies for building rich interactive web applications.
Embedded Technologies:
We are involved in designing, programming and developing embedded software components and systems.Infobiz's software engineering team possesses considerable experience in solution development for all modern operating systems, both Windows and UNIX-like, as well as real time operating systems such as QNX, CMX and VxWorks.
Packaged Application Services:
We offer CRM solutions across all major CRM packages:
Siebel, Oracle CRM, PeopleSoft CRM etc Our ERP solutions help organizations to streamline and align their key business processes.
We use major ERP packages like
  • SAP, Oracle etc
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