Solution Partner

In order to offer the most comprehensive software solutions to the software marketplace,Infobiz is partnering with Solution Providers to establish long-term business relationships.
Our programs offer an opportunity to form a close relationship with Infobiz which can increase revenues and keep our clients at the forefront of new advances in Infobiz technology.
Our Partner Program is designed around the following global industry best practices:
  • Clear and positive channel engagement
  • Increased partner profitability
  • Rewards for performance
  • Scalable and flexible requirements and benefits
  • Enablement and support throughout the sales cycle
  • Infobiz works with companies that implement effective software solutions to improve operations in all areas of Software. Some of these are:
    You can select from a variety of partnership options that suit your business model and desired level of engagement with Infobiz Partner Programs:
  • Solution Provider Program - Offers Integrators, VARs, and others IT providers the opportunity to provide complete solutions to their customers by reselling and supporting Infobiz Software products and services.
  • Consulting Partner Program - Designed to enable service-focused companies the chance to offer profitable pre-sales consulting and post-sales implementation around Infobiz Software products and services.
  • Service Provider Program - Enables IT providers who host or outsource managed service offerings to provide best-in-class Business Service Management for their customers.
  • Technology Alliance Program - Companies with technology and products that complement Infobiz Software products and who engage in joint marketing and joint selling of the complementary solution.
  • For more information on our Solution Partner Program.