infobiz Technologies is built from the ground up by hiring and nurturing great people because the accelerating pace of change in a high-technology business requires smart, adaptable people who are always thinking, always innovating and always driving to succeed.
infobiz Technologies promotes an individual and professional growth culture within a dynamic environment of continuous learning and team collaboration. Our team consists of top-notch computer scientists, support engineers, account managers and consultants with a single-minded focus to be the best in the market.
infobiz Technologies has an open interaction culture that fosters communication and teamwork combined with individual initiative and creativity that keeps us on the track to success. By combining a structured defined work environment with an atmosphere harboring shared values and goals, we encourage each member of our team reach their full potential so as to make a significant, real and immediate contribution to the success of infobiz Technologies and our clients.
infobiz Technologies understands that the efforts and achievements of our team members come in many forms. Therefore, we are committed to enhancing our associates' careers and providing them with challenging and rewarding opportunities. Our incentive programs are designed to recognize past performance as well as to encourage constant career development. We recognize and reward individual contributions, team accomplishments, new skill acquirements, and team member mentoring. We expect our people to take ownership for delivering excellent results, and to share in the rewards of success.
Our aim is to hire top talent with whom we can forge long-term relationships. We offer opportunities in the following areas:
  • Contract Services for both short-time and project-oriented employment options
  • Contract-to-Direct Services to allow candidates an on-the-job evaluation period to evaluate their role and fit within the organization
  • Consulting Resources to seek high-caliber candidates who can implement strategic and operational solutions that deliver results
  • We can sponsor new H1B, H1B transfer, TN Visa's for eligible consultants.