Human Resources

Infobiz offers the industry's HCM solutions that enable companies of all sizes and in all industries to better manage their people and their business.Our proven approach to people-centric systems is defining the new standard for operational transparency between human resources, business processes, and overall corporate performance.
We focus exclusively on HR, benefits, payroll, recruitment, talent management, and related product areas so that we can offer our customers more comprehensive functionality, more flexible delivery models, more responsive customer service, and more overall value
We help our customers with technology solutions to business problems related to their HR domain, such as:
  • Creating custom HR portals and content delivery platforms in .NET, Java and PHP for publishing HR information and HR communication to users of the HR system
  • HR Workflow creation for various processes such as employee joining, on-boarding and separation, using intuitive forms using technologies like JavaScript, Ext JS, xForms and others
  • Developing rich widgets for HR applications like premium calculators and employee benefit plan
  • comparison tools using technologies like Adobe FLEX / Flash and Microsoft Silverlight
  • Performance testing of HR systems during peak usage times such as employee performance reviews and benefits open enrollment using proprietary as well as open source tools like OpenSTA and Microsoft VSTS
  • Implementation and customization of open source based HR Information Systems and HRM software solutions, such as OrangeHRM
Our technology expertise in user interface and backend systems, and experience building enterprise systems for HR functions such as employee benefits management, HR communication, payroll management, performance reviews, employee on-boarding / off-boarding and others makes us the right technology partner for your HR software requirements.
If you are interested in engaging our HRM Outsourcing Services, contact us now.